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The Satta Matka lottery game for 2023 has now been made accessible to all residents of Kolkata City, providing them with a chance to win substantial prizes if fortune favors them. The prize amounts in the Kolkata FF lottery are contingent on the player’s ranking. For a comprehensive breakdown of the prize amounts, please consult the table below:

This table provides a clear overview of the rewards that players can potentially win based on their ranking in the Kolkata FF lottery, making it easier for participants to understand the potential outcomes of their gameplay.

Kolkata FF
Kolkata FF

Kolkata FF, affectionately known as Kolkata Fatafat, occupies a cherished spot as a beloved lottery game in the heart of West Bengal. To partake in the excitement, players must meticulously choose a set of numbers. Should fortune smile upon them and their selected numbers align with the winning combination, they stand a chance to secure a coveted lottery prize. This exhilarating game unfolds on a daily basis, with results eagerly awaited and unveiled at specific times.

It’s crucial to emphasize that Kolkata FF is subject to rigorous monitoring and regulation by the lottery department of the West Bengal state government. This oversight ensures the integrity and fairness of the game, providing players with a trustworthy and transparent gaming experience.

महत्वपूर्ण सूचना: – कोलकाता फटाफट एक लॉटरी गेम है जो जुआ के तहत आता है। हम इस वेबसाइट पर केवल कोलकाता फटाफट की जानकारी प्रदान कर रहे हैं। हमारे द्वारा इस वेबसाइट के माध्यम से किसी भी प्रकार की धन-राशि की मांग नहीं की जाती है, और न ही हमें कोलकाता फटाफट से किसी प्रकार का कोई लेन-देन होता है। यह वेबसाइट केवल जानकारी प्रदान करने के उद्देश्य से बनाई गई है, और अगर आप कोलकाता फटाफट में किसी भी प्रकार का लेन-देन करते हैं या आपके साथ किसी प्रकार का धोखाधड़ी होता है, तो उसके लिए जिम्मेदारी आपकी होती है, हम आपसे किसी प्रकार की धन-राशि की मांग नहीं करते हैं, और हमारा कोलकाता फटाफट कोलकाता फटाफट की वेबसाइट से कोई लेन-देन नहीं होता है

What is Kolkata Ff Fatafat Online?

Accessing this free-to-play game is a breeze; all you need to do is download the application from the internet. For real-time updates on your score and rewards, be sure to visit the official website. What sets Kolkata Fatafat apart is its availability—play it eight times a day, Monday through Saturday, and four times on Sundays, providing users with flexibility and ample opportunities to participate. This game has gracefully transitioned into the digital age, offering both online and offline options for players. Enjoy the game and check results conveniently on the official website. And with an affordable ticket price of just 10 INR, it’s accessible to everyone. The grand prize for the first-place winner is an impressive 1 Crore INR.

How To Check Online Kolkata FF Result?

कोलकाता FF का परिणाम ऑनलाइन कैसे देखें? यहां एक सरल गाइड है:

आधिकारिक वेबसाइट तक पहुँचें: सबसे पहले, अपने पसंदीदा वेब ब्राउज़र का उपयोग करके कोलकाता FF की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाना शुरू करें।

परिणाम पर जाएं: वेबसाइट पर एक विशेष खंड या टैब देखें, जिसमें “परिणाम” या कुछ समरूप हो सकता है। इसे देखने के लिए उस पर क्लिक करें।

तारीख चुनें: जब आप परिणाम पृष्ठ पर होंगे, तो आपको आमतौर पर एक कैलेंडर या तारीख चुनने का ऑप्शन मिलेगा। उस तारीख को चुनें, जिसके लिए आप कोलकाता FF का परिणाम देखना चाहते हैं।

अपना विवरण दर्ज करें: कुछ वेबसाइट्स को आपसे विशिष्ट विवरण दर्ज करने की आवश्यकता हो सकती है, जैसे कि आपका गेम आईडी या वह संख्याएँ जिन्होंने आप खेली थी। आवश्यक जानकारी को सही तरीके से प्रदान करें।

सबमिट या परिणाम देखें: आवश्यक विवरण दर्ज करने के बाद, “सबमिट” या “परिणाम देखें” बटन पर क्लिक करें। वेबसाइट फिर आपके अनुरोध को प्रोसेस करेगी।

परिणाम देखें: चुनी गई तारीख के लिए कोलकाता FF का परिणाम आपके स्क्रीन पर प्रदर्शित होगा। आप देख सकते हैं कि आपकी चुनी गई संख्याएँ जीतने वाली संख्याओं के साथ मेल खाती हैं और जांच सकते हैं कि आपने कोई पुरस्कार जीता है या नहीं।

अपना पुरस्कार प्राप्त करें: अगर आप भाग्यशाली विजेता हैं, तो वेबसाइट पर अपना पुरस्कार प्राप्त करने के निर्देशों का पालन करें। इसमें अतिरिक्त जानकारी प्रदान करने या वेबसाइट की प्रक्रियाओं के आधार पर किसी भौतिक स्थान पर जाने की आवश्यकता हो सकती है, वेबसाइट की प्रक्रियाओं के आधार पर।

सुनिश्चित करें कि आप परिणाम की जांच के लिए आधिकारिक कोलकाता FF वेबसाइट या विश्वसनीय स्रोतों का उपयोग करते हैं ताकि सटीकता और सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित हो। गैर-आधिकृत वेबसाइटों या ऐप्स से सावधान रहें .

Access the Official Website: Start by visiting the official Kolkata FF website using your preferred web browser.

Navigate to Results: Look for a dedicated section or tab on the website labeled “Results” or something similar. Click on it to proceed.

Select the Date: Once you’re on the results page, you’ll likely see a calendar or date picker. Choose the date for which you want to check the Kolkata FF result.

Enter Your Details: Some websites may require you to enter specific details, such as your game ID or the set of numbers you played. Make sure to provide the requested information accurately.

Submit or Check: After entering the necessary details, click on the “Submit” or “Check Result” button. The website will then process your request.

View the Result: The Kolkata FF result for the selected date will be displayed on your screen. You can see if your chosen numbers match the winning numbers and determine if you’ve won a prize.

Claim Your Prize: If you’re a lucky winner, follow the instructions on the website to claim your prize. This may involve providing additional information or visiting a physical location, depending on the website’s procedures.

Remember to use the official Kolkata FF website or trusted sources to check results to ensure accuracy and security. Be cautious of unofficial websites or apps that may not provide reliable information.

22 December 2023

Certainly! Kolkata Fatafat used to be a game that was played both offline and online in the past. However, it has transitioned to being exclusively available online, with Kolkata Fatafat results now being published only on the official website. This game relies entirely on luck, with the winner being determined solely by chance.

Kolkata Fatafat is a lottery-style game that is limited to residents of Kolkata. It offers a convenient way for people to try their luck and potentially earn money from the comfort of their own homes. It’s important to note that like any game of chance, there are no guaranteed wins, and players should participate responsibly and within their means.

23 December 2023
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People who purchase lottery tickets check the Kolkata Fatafat result every day. The Kolkata FF lottery results are regularly updated on the official website, which is www.kolkataff.com. This website serves as the trusted source for accessing the latest Kolkata FF lottery results, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the process. Players can conveniently visit the website to verify the outcomes of their lottery tickets and see if they’ve won any prizes.

What is FF Lottery Prize Money Kolkata

First Bazi10:05 AM
Second Bazi11:35 AM
Third Bazi1:05 PM
Fourth Bazi2:35 PM
Fifth Bazi4:05 PM
Sixth Bazi5:35 PM
Seventh Bazi7:05 PM
Eighth Bazi8:35 PM

Kolkata FF Result Today?

Here are some key highlights of Kolkata Fatafat that provide comprehensive information about this game:

  1. The game features 8 bets daily from Monday to Saturday, with only 4 bets on Sunday.
  2. All bets have fixed timings, and participants play their bets accordingly.
  3. The results are exclusively published on the official website.
  4. Prior to playing, you need to allocate half an hour for investment.
  5. You can enjoy this game every day of the week.
  6. Kolkata Fatafat is a numbers game, where you need to guess the correct numbers to win.
  7. The first-place winner in the Fatafat game receives a prize of Rs 4 crore.
  8. Additionally, rewards are also given to those who secure the 5th position.
  9. These highlights provide a comprehensive overview of Kolkata Fatafat, its gameplay, and the potential rewards for participants.
24 December 2023

A lottery is a form of gambling where numbers are drawn at random to determine prize winners. Kolkata FF Fatafat Result today has gained substantial popularity as a lottery game in Kolkata. The key to success in this game lies in making precise number guesses. If your number predictions turn out to be correct, you have the opportunity to win significant cash prizes.

It’s crucial to understand that participation in the Kolkata Fatafat Game is limited to individuals residing within the city of Kolkata. This game is exclusively played within the boundaries of Kolkata, making it a localized form of entertainment and gambling for the residents of the city.


Traditionally, games like Kolkata FF Fatafat are characterized by several key elements: the involvement of financial stakes or possessions, the presence of random chance, and the ultimate goal of winning. Kolkata FF Fatafat, in particular, adheres to these characteristics.

In Kolkata FF Fatafat, participants have the opportunity to engage in the game eight times in a single day, spanning from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the game is played four times. This frequent gameplay schedule adds to the excitement and anticipation, as players try their luck to win prizes in a game that combines chance and strategy.

PositionPrize Money
1st1 crore

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result today is now available! You can access the live results of Kolkata Fatafat, which have been released today. These results can be downloaded or viewed for your convenience. To check the Kolkata FF lottery results, simply visit the official website at www.kolkataff.com. This official website is the trusted source for accessing the latest updates and outcomes of the Kolkata FF lottery, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the results.


What is Kolkata Fatafat Results Time ?

You can check the result timings for all the rounds (bazi) from morning to evening in the list below:

  • ✔️ 1st Bazi 10:03 am
  • ✔️ 2nd Bazi 11:33 am
  • ✔️ 3rd Bazi 01:03 pm
  • ✔️ 4th Bazi 02:33 pm
  • ✔️ 5th Bazi 04:03 pm
  • ✔️ 6th Bazi 05:33 pm
  • ✔️ 7th Bazi 07:03 pm
  • ✔️ 8th Bazi 08:33 pm
  • Please note that specific timings may vary and should be checked on the official Kolkata FF website for accuracy.

Kolkata Fatafat Game

If you intend to participate in the Kolkata Fatafat Game, it’s essential to be physically present within the city of Kolkata. This game is exclusively played within the confines of Kolkata and is operated by the city authorities of Kolkata FF. Therefore, it is a localized gaming experience restricted to the residents of Kolkata.


Betting or staking something of value, with the awareness of risk and the anticipation of gaining, based on the outcome of a game, is a common practice. Satta Matka stands as one of the prominent examples of a lottery game. It’s a game that attracts individuals looking to earn money quickly. The allure of rapid earnings makes it a popular choice among those seeking a chance-based opportunity to increase their wealth.

outcome of a game. Satta Matka is one of the popular examples of a lottery game. Every man who wants to earn money as fast as possible plays this game


Best Kolkata FF Fatafat Lottery Tips And Tricks here

Kolkata Fatafat lottery shares similarities with many other lotteries played in various states, but it holds a special and enduring place in West Bengal due to its long history of being embraced by the local populace. Over the years, it has transformed the fortunes of numerous individuals. Some are willing to take calculated risks, wagering their money, gold, and assets to participate in this game.

Each round of the game is scheduled to be played at specific designated times, and participants eagerly await their fate. The fortunate ones may experience the joy of winning cash prizes through the lottery, while others, unfortunately, may have to bear the loss of their investments. However, on July 3, 2022, Kolkata FF Lottery Tips and Tricks provide a unique opportunity for greater earnings. On this day, participants can indulge in eight chances (bazi) to play throughout the day, intensifying the anticipation surrounding the Kolkata FF results.


December 05, 2023 result of Kolkata fatafat results is out ,you can see you result. The timing of result are show above ,you can download from there and find the result as from official website .the Kolkata FF lottery result are updated on scheduled time at www.kolkataff.com.

FAQ for Kolkata FF

What is Kolkata Fatafat?

Kolkata Fatafat is a popular game ,which are play in Kolkata, under this game a player are select numbers and they are wait for lucky draw number . if this number are matched then they are win the game .

Where can I check Kolkata Fatafat results?

you can check this number result at kolkata Kolkata FF website .this result are come regularly.

What happens if I win in Kolkata Fatafat?

if any one are win this game , then they are get some money amount or any gift item ,which are decided prer .

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