Google Gemini AI: A Powerful AI Tool of Google, How to Use It, Login, Download

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Hello friend, today we are see new AI tool in market to increase competition, Google launched this AI Tool ,I think everyone know about this news , are you know ,this AI tool name is Gemini , we all very excited to used and want to know that how they are operated and how they are download ,everything , today through this article we are learn in detail about Google Gemini AI ,Read this article till the end for better understanding of Gemini AI.

Google Gemini AI

Google Gemini AI is a formidable artificial intelligence tool, which are developed by Google itself. This new AI Tool launching grow as game-changer in the tech industry. This article explores the various facets of Gemini AI, from its definition and features to practical usage, login procedures, and downloading options etc.

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What is Gemini AI?

Today every one want to know about Gemini AI, but in essence for you knowledge, it is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) power full tool designed by Google. This tool Gemini includes several good and useful features that contribute to its prominence in the technology landscape. They have huge capacity to perform various tasks and functions in very short time of period and with maximum accuracy. This tool has designed to mimic human intelligence, which having amazing power to learn, adapt, and execute tasks without explicit programming

Google Gemini AI Tool Gemini key highlights

Here are some important highlights are listed in tabular form. where we are summaries all detail of Google Gemini AI Tool:-

Article nameGemini AI Tool
Type of articleArtificial intelligence (AI)
Tool Launched byGoogle
Year of launching13th December 2023
Advance Features Thinking like human ,writing ,editing
Login process By email and mobile number login
ServicesFree with some limitation
Competitor    Chat GPT.
Official Website 

Best features of Google Gemini AI :

Here are some advance and important feathers of Google Gemini AI tool presented in bullet points::-

  1. Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms:- This AI Tool having very power full technology based on Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms . which are  allow it to learn and adapt, enhancing its capabilities over time like human.
  2. Real-time Data Processing:- Gemini AI Tool having  capability of providing real time data  in very short period of time ,with very accuracy ,means it has very fast processing as comared to other AI tool.
  3. Versatility in Applications:  the area of this ai tool is very versatile, they having power of unlimited range of contexts,with all field of nature.
  4. User-Friendly Interface:  I think the operation of This AI tool is user friendly, which are designed with a very simple interface, they are  ensuring the accessibility for a broad audience, including both beginners and experienced users.
  5. It has power to  solve multiple queries at the same  time.
  6. Gemini AI Tool  are solved very complex  problem in very short period of time

Now next question are arise that the how to login this AI Tool.

Lets move on next heading.

How to signup Gemini free Account on Google website :-

Google Gemini AI are a advance version of bard ,where we are get better and best result and having more other additional function . this having superfast speed for math calculation , content writing and core generation.

  1. First of all you have to visit to the google search and type Gemini AI.
  2. After that a new page will open in front of you of Gemini AI .
  3. Where you are select official website

Here are step by step process to signup the Gemini free account on google:-

  1. When you are reached at its official website and inter in website page .
  2. A new page will open where you having option of login with gmail.
  3. Now you have to provided the Gmail address and send verification code .
  4. where you are get a verification code from Gemini website.
  5. now verified the account by providing OTP.
  6. After verification you can used this AI tool .

How to Use Google AI Tool Gemini:

Let’s move towards the knowledge of Google Gemini AI, here we are learning about the uses of AI tool. Most of the people know that Gemini AI is launched in 3 (three) version. Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, Gemini Ultra, where nano version are open for free and other version are used for paid version .this Google product are used with AI tool bard .

How to Use Google AI Tool Gemini in Bard:

Here you are thinking that how Gemini AI is work with Bard ,but its true you can used and they work parallel. You have to follow the steps by step process and you can also used Google Gemini AI with Bard.

  1. First of all you have to sear ch the bard in google and open bard AI
  2. Next after bard AI opening you have to login the bard AI tool .
  3. Now bard will open in front of you.
  4. You have to know that Bard is small part Google Gemini AI Tool .where as bard is very small Portion of Google Gemini AI .They have many more function .
  5. After login Bard you can used Gemini AI tool.

How to used Gemini on Pixel 8 Pro

Now we see , how Google Gemini AI is work with Pixel 8 Pro, in this portion of Pixel 8 Pro we learn how we used this AI tool without internet . lets see the step to used . This device is complettly supported the Gemini nano version . now follow the steps and setting.

  1. To used this function without internet you have to go to the setting and on the Air core in developer.
  2. When you are in developer mode you have to enable Aircore function and also enable aircore persistent.
  3. After that you can used internet and used social media also.

Chat GPT VS Gemini AI

We know that Chat gpt is launched 1 year before and they become more popular in AI industries , but Gemini new AI tool is take breath from Google . This Google is come in market with full preparation and report they give better and best performance with comparison with Open AI chat GPT. They have comparison accordance with bench marks.

Here we are provided the tabular comparison between  both AI .

IntentChat GPTGemini AI
Content  accuracy Performance85%90%
Easy to usedThey are provided very simple process to usedBut this AI tool having some complex as compared to Chat gpt.
Code generation70%85%
StrengthThis are Fast ,efficient and readily availableThey having superior performance in math task.
WeaknessThey are generated some factual  errorThey have small user community.

As per the bench mark comparison Gemini are better  then Chat Gpt . Over all Google new AI  tool performance is best to all AI tool available in market . As per information recorded the Gemini has more better performance then Chat GPT .

What can Google Gemini AI tool do?

There many function and work which can Gemini do very perfectly , they are listed below:-Gemini

  1. Gemini can turn image into code.
  2. They can find similertye between to image .
  3. this ai can under stand emoji.
  4. Gemini can under standoutfit.
  5. they can guess the movies.
  6. they can make sence of my environment.

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